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Tennessee Titans free agency primer: Attitude

A look at what the Titans might look for in free agency from an attitude perspective.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

For most Tennessee Titans fans, now is the time to start looking ahead full force to the 2016 NFL Draft. While I completely understand, don't forget that the Titans are now one of the top-5 teams in the NFL in terms of cap space.

What that means is that the Tennessee Titans are set for a huge offseason not only in the draft, but in free agency.

With all of that in mind, I want to remind everyone of what exactly this team is likely to look for in free agency, this time from an attitude standpoint.

Over the past few weeks, Jon Robinson has been very vocal in saying that he wants this team to be the toughest guys on the field and that he wants intimidating players that set the tone for this team. These are the guys that stand out to me at each of the main positions of need for the Titans.

Right Tackle: Mitch Schwartz, Cleveland

I am a really big fan of Schwartz because he is a very good run blocker and an even better pass protector. Schwartz has really grown into a player that checks off all the boxes for me. He is going to be expensive in free agency, but when you have so much money in free agency what does it matter as long as you get the right guy?

Left Guard: Kelechi Osemele, Baltimore

This is maybe the most imposing player in the league on the offensive line. If you want a punishing player who finishes blocks, this is your guy. Putting him in an offensive line where he can be next to either Schwartz, Taylor Lewan or Laremy Tunsil should be illegal.

I can't embed these gifs, but watch this clip and watch #72. Or this one. Or this one. And those are just the ones of him from one game against the best defense in the NFL.

Cornerback: Trumaine Johnson, Los Angeles Rams

I don't know why more people don't know about Johnson. I guess players like Janoris Jenkins, Robert Quinn, Chris Long, and Aaron Donald are just too good to ignore. However, I don't know what it takes for him to stand out. If you want to talk about intimidating, Johnson is a 6'2" cornerback who has 206 tackles and 15 interceptions in just four years.

Some team is going to be very happy with the former Montana Grizzly, and he is the ideal player to matchup with bigger guys in the division like Donte Moncrief, Nuk Hopkins and Allen Robinson.

Safety: George Iloka, Cincinnati Bengals

Alright, to be fair I didn't include Eric Berry in this because how can a team be crazy enough to let Eric Berry go? Iloka is a 6'4" safety that is in the top-15 safeties in the NFL according to PFF and rightfully so. He has been very effective in his time in Cincinnati and he has all the range and talent to be the safety net behind an aggressive Dick LeBeau defense.