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2016 NFL Free Agency: PFF Ranks the top potential free agent running backs

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Lambert told you earlier this week that the Titans shouldn't draft a running back this year. They should, however, add one in free agency. Giving a lot of money to a back in free agency isn't a good idea...see Greene, Shonn, but there will be value there because teams don't give money to running backs like they did in the past.

Pro Football Focus has put out there list of the top available running backs. There are quite a few intriguing names on the list starting with the man at the top of the list, Doug Martin. Terry McCormick speculated earlier this week that Martin would be high on the Titans list if he makes it to free agency. That makes sense because the Titans new GM, Jon Robinson, came from Tampa. Martin has an injury history that is a little scary, but he is dang good player when healthy.

The guy that I would love to see them go after is Lamar Miller. He will only be 25 when the 2016 season starts. The Dolphins hated him for some reason and refused to use him very much despite the fact that he averaged over 4.8 yards per carry in the last two years combined. He is the one guy that might actually get big money in free agency because he has the combination of talent, well under 30 and lack of usage.

The guy that would seem to fit what Mike Mularkey wants best in a running back is Chris Ivory. He is a guy that can handle a heavy workload and will only be 28 when the season starts. Ivory should come at a significantly lower price than Martin and Miller.