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Myles Jack might be the best athlete in the draft, but where does he fit in the NFL?

You just don't see this kind of athletic ability out of linebackers.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

School: UCLA

Position: Outside Linebacker

Size: 6-1, 245 pounds


  • Truly rare and special athlete.
  • Elite change of direction ability.
  • Rare speed and acceleration. Excellent ability to click and close in space.
  • Versatile player. Rushed the edge, played safety, middle linebacker at UCLA.
  • Outstanding in coverage.
  • Ability to flip hips and run with nearly any player on the field.
  • Extremely effective in pursuit. Ball carriers rarely run by him.
  • Sound tackler. Settles and wraps up consistently.


  • A bit of a tough fit, schematically. Is he a WLB? MLB? SS?
  • Inconsistent instincts. Seen both good and bad in this area.
  • Knee injury ended his 2015 season.
  • Underwhelming inside the box to me. At his best in space running free.
  • Must learn to use his hands to stack and shed blocks.

This is what Jack does best. Watch the change of direction skills here. Special stuff. I've seen him play near full games covering receivers out of the slot position, which is unheard of for a linebacker. Jack is just a different type of player.

Notice where Jack is playing on this snap. He's playing in the secondary, where he played a ton in college. This is an impressive display of closing ability in the open field. He covered about eight yards in an instant. Great finish too.


Myles Jack has outstanding God-given traits, but lacks some key elements (shedding, instincts) that could limit his role in the NFL. He's an outstanding cover linebacker, but leaves something to be desired in the box. I think his traits translate better to an outside, sideline to sideline game rather than a inside gap attacking role.

Jack fits in the NFL as a weak-side linebacker. Defensive coordinators will love his ability to make plays in space and his ability to man up on tight ends. UCLA played him nearly exclusively in some games in the secondary, maximizing his coverage traits. His man coverage ability will be coveted, but his lack of production in the box against the run is concerning.

Jack's athletic ability will be coveted, but his game will need some developing. If Jack can figure out how to use his hands to shed blocks at the next level, look out. I'm fascinated to see where he lands and what position he will be playing in the league. I'm putting him at the "will" linebacker spot and letting him make plays in space and win in coverage.

Round grade: First round
Expected draft slot: Top 15