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NFL Free Agency 2016: PFF ranks the top potential free agent safeties

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The Titans have a hole at free safety. Will they fill that hole in free agency? There are plenty of good safeties that are set to become free agents in a few weeks. PFF has put out their list of the top potential free agents at the safety position.

The dream scenario here is that Eric Berry hits the open market and the Titans sign him. That's not going to happen because the Chiefs will franchise him if they aren't able to reach a long-term deal. Can you imagine the hysteria of UT fans if Peyton Manning got a job in the front office and they signed Berry?

Eric Weddle is a guy that will probably hit the market for the reasons listed in the PFF article. He is no spring chicken as far as coverage safeties go at 31 (fun fact: Weddle and former Titans safety Michael Griffin were born on the same day), but man would he look good in the two-toned blue.

The biggest name of interest to me is Tashaun Gipson. He is only 25 years old, but this line from the PFF write up terrifies me:

The 2014 version that was one of the best free safeties in the NFL and had a top-10 coverage grade, or the 2015 version that was all too often out of position and had a bottom 10 coverage grade.

Who does that sound like? Gipson is going to get a ton of money because of his upside and his age. That's scary, but this is when it is good to have a guy like Dick LeBeau in house for an evaluation. Hopefully Jon Robinson will lean on him a little bit when looking at these guys.