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Mike Mayock unveils 2016 NFL Draft Rankings

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Mike Mayock is's draft guru. Every year he puts out his top 5 players at each position. He released his initial 2016 list today. There are no huge surprises on the list.  Here are some thoughts on positions that are of interest to the Titans.

-Laremy Tunsil is obviously his #1 tackle. He is head and shoulders above the rest of this offensive tackle class.

-Mayock has an EDGE category. One of my favorite things about draft time is the use of the EDGE category and how it makes some people really mad. Joey Bosa is obviously the #1 player at that spot. It will be interesting to see which of the other guys generate buzz at the combine. This position always sees a guy or two that really rises with his performance at the combine.

-Jalen Ramsey is Mayock's #1 corner- not a surprise. He is a guy that the Titans could take and plug into the spot that opened up with Michael Griffin's release, or play at corner. Is he worth the #1 overall pick?

-Ezekiel Elliott is the top running back followed by Derrick Henry. I don't want either of those guys in the top 33.