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2016 Senior Bowl: Stock Up, Stock Down

Which prospects went the way of the bull? Which of them went the way of the bear?

Darian Thompson. Future Titan?
Darian Thompson. Future Titan?
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports


Stock Up

1. Carson Wentz 6'5 233 QB North Dakota State

- Wentz was the best QB in Mobile. Physical attributes were very good. He has very good arm talent. Proved to the cold weather teams that he can still spin it in adverse conditions given the nearly constant rainy weather during practice. Accuracy and touch were great as well. Not the best athlete but has great pocket awareness and can get out of a messy one if necessary. He's in the conversation for a top five pick.

2. Braxton Miller 6'1 204 WR Ohio State

- Miller was the best receiver and it wasn't particularly close. He dominated one on ones to the point where it got silly. No DB could cover him. Miller has excellent body control, hands, and speed. Route running was astonishingly proficient given his lack of experience at the position. He solidified a boost into the second round.

3. Vernon Butler 6'3 325 DT Louisiana Tech

- Butler had a great week and could make an argument that he was the best defensive lineman on the North team. He has a bevy of moves and surprisingly amount of quickness for a guy his size. Agility is a plus as well. Very underrated as a prospect due to the guys above him. Wouldn't be surprised if he goes in the second round.

4. Nick Martin 6'4 296 G/C Notre Dame

- The little brother is all grown up now. Martin had a great week of practice. He's very fundamentally strong. Has a good anchor and protects himself against stronger defensive lineman very well. Quick feet. Good hand usage. Best center in the country. third or fourth round grade.

5. Deiondre Hall 6'1 192 CB Northern Iowa

- Hall had a good week of practice. He showed no fear in challenging the big name receivers. He is built like what most NFL teams try to emulate in Seattle's secondary. Long arms and willing to hit you in the mouth. Boosted himself in the third round conversation.

6. Darian Thompson 6'1 217 S Boise State

- He kept up stride for stride against some of the faster receivers without losing much at all. Ball location skills were on point during every drill. He got to almost every ball thrown his way. Impressive prospect with a great week against the big boys. In the running for best safety in the class.

Stock Down

1. Miles Killebrew 6'1 219 S Southern Utah

- He's a raw prospect and it got terribly exposed in the practices. Killebrew can be lulled into biting for the play action fake as he takes too many false steps. Instincts aren't good at all. Downgrade into the late rounds he goes.

2. Connor Cook QB Michigan State

- Cook’s sin was that he voluntarily did not show up in Mobile when he was healthy. He desperately needed to be there to prove a lot of things including his shoulder injury. Cook deliberately chose not to be in attendance when he isn’t the clear front runner in the class. If he was, that would be one thing but when he isn’t, he needed to show. It appears that he was ducking the competition and that isn’t a good look. This blatant lack of attendance ultimately shows that he isn’t mentally strong and/or scared. Fourth round grade as of now.


Stock Up

1. Graham Glasgow 6'6 306 C Michigan

- Glasgow built upon an impressive week at the East-West Shrine game by being equally as impressive in Mobile. He has a good base of footwork and anchor. A decent amount of athleticism to get to second level. Work ethic and character is not in question. Tall for a center prospect. Pushed himself into the discussion for the best center in the country.

2. Noah Spence 6'2 254 DE Eastern Kentucky

- Spence has easily been the best defensive lineman on either side and it isn't particularly close. He has a great mix of speed and power along with the instincts to know which area to use. Elite first step and counter moves. Constantly blowing by every tackle he has faced this week. He has to answer for some off field issues. Stock is somewhere in the later first round to middle second round.

3. Sheldon Rankins 6'1 304 DT Louisville

- Rankins had a solid week and was the best South DL not named Noah Spence. He featured a lot of moves and counter moves in his arsenal. A really quick tackle that can penetrate the backfield in a flash. Great hand usage, quick feet, and instincts are pretty good. Suffered a knee injury but separated himself a bit from middle tier defensive linemen this week.

4. Jay Lee 6'1 217 WR Baylor

- Lee has been one of the best receivers on either team. He was a lesser known weapon as Baylor's third leading receiver. Really high points the ball very well. Ball location skills are evident. Route running is very good. Instincts are above average. Plays bigger than his size and outmuscles the defender no matter who it is. The antithesis of Justin Hunter.

5. Antonio Morrison 6'1 232  ILB Florida

- Florida ILB Antonio Morrison had a nice week as he showed a decent amount of coverage ability, even picking off a pass. He's an underrated linebacker prospect that made some money this week. Quintessential modern day linebacker. A tackling machine at UF and the defensive general for the Gators.

6. Deion Jones 6'1 219 LB LSU

- Jones was simply a playmaker despite his light measurements. Flew all over the field making plays. Did well in pass coverage, breaking up multiple passes and generally being in the area of the receiver. Those measurements at 6’1 219 have me spooked though. It could be beneficial if he shows a decent amount of athleticism during the Combine and Pro Day to move to safety.

7. Harlan Miller 6'0 182 SE Louisiana

- Miller was part of a group of small school DBs that stood out. He has quick feet and a good amount of agility. Miller rarely had a bad rep and kept pace with the smaller and faster receivers. He needs to add weight to his frame though. The Titans do have a penchant for finding and developing small school defensive backs late in the draft so he could be a pick later on. Also a reported interview by Tennessee.

Stock Down

1. Shawn Oakman 6'7 269 DE Baylor

- Oakman was the literal definition of "Looks like Tarzan, Plays like Jane". He featured an impressive body but his situational awareness was very poor. Quickness and agility was severely limited by much more less imposing offensive tackles due to his skinny legs. He doesn’t have the leg drive nor the strength to keep going when first step is beaten. After this week, he’d be lucky to be a midround pick.

2. John Theus 6'6 320 OT Georgia

- Theus was constantly being beat like drum in one on ones. He doesn’t have the required athleticism nor the strength to keep the ends at bay. A move inside to guard could be very beneficial to his career prospects. Tackle isn’t it for him.

3. Jeremy Cash 6'0 212 S Duke

- In a crowded secondary full of talent, Cash did not do much of anything to stand out. He got beat a couple of times deep after being sucked in by the play action fake. He’s still a "toolsy" safety prospect that’s more of a strong safety than a free.

Bonus Stocks

1. Sheldon Day 6'0 286 DT Notre Dame (UP)

2. Jason Fanaika 6'2 276 DE Utah (UP)

3. Kyler Fackrell 6'4 244 LB Utah State (UP)

4. Jason Spriggs 6'5 301 OT Indiana (UP)

5. Sterling Shepard 5'10 193 WR Oklahoma (UP)

6. Kevin Byard 5'11 216 S MTSU (UP)

7. Eric Murray 5'10 198 CB Minnesota (UP)

8. Joe Dahl 6'3 297 G Washington State (Down)

9. Jack Allen 6'1 297 C Michigan State (Down)

10. Eric Striker 5'11 228 LB Oklahoma (Down)