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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Man, I like your game."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"There must be some kind of way out of here..."

Titans News!
This past Friday I posted a link to an article written by Ted Sundquist about his opportunity to interview for the (then) open GM position for the Titans. Paul K wrote some thoughts he had on the piece, and he believes the article puts the Titans priorities in question.

We all know the Titans have made it clear they are willing to trade away their first pick in the upcoming draft. Is it feasible though? It would seem it would take a lot to do so. Our greatest hope would be for a quarterback to just straight up kill the combine and shoot up draft boards, and then hope a QB needy team panics and trades with us.

I was emailed an article that I thought a lot of people may find interesting. A few weeks ago I linked an article from Wyatt where he compared DGB to other rookie WRs. David Artega of The SportsQuotient has done the same thing, but he provides a way more in depth look at how he compares. So check it out!

Jim Wyatt dumps out his mailbag and answers some questions.

Pro Bowl News!
So I actually watched the Pro Bowl last night, and was very glad to see Jurrell Casey get an interception and Delanie Walker catch a TD! They represented the team well, and I'm so happy for those guys. They seriously deserved to be out there having fun. On Friday I posted an article about Jurrell Casey and his experience leading up to yesterday's game. This time it's Delanie's turn. He says it was great receiving compliments about his game, and that it truly means a lot to him.

Senior Bowl News!
I know the Senior Bowl already happened, but this article hadn't been written when I posted the links for Friday. Jason Wolf gives 10 players Titans fans should have watched during the game.

That's all for today. Happy reading!