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Marcus Mariota has an injured ankle but should play against the Packers


NFL: Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Kuharksy is reporting that Marcus Mariota suffered an ankle injury in Sunday’s loss to the Chargers. It shouldn’t keep him from playing this Sunday against the Packers, per Kuharsky’s source, but he will probably appear on the injury report Wednesday even though he is expected to be a full participant in practice.

I could type a paragraph here about how important Mariota is to the team and how much of a disaster it will be if he doesn’t play, but I will spare you that because it isn’t anything you don’t already know.

It was a priority of the team to better protect Mariota this offseason. They have done an excellent job of that so far. The offensive line consistently grades out as one of the best in football.

Some credit also goes to Mariota because he has done a good job of getting what is there when he runs and getting down.