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Tennessee Titans New Links: "I'll take the blame on that."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Let's check out six topics from yesterday's press conference with Mike Mularkey. They talked about Mariota, and we do that a lot here already, and it's nothing really knew. He needs to be more careful with the ball, he's done a lot of good things, etc. Derrick Henry had an MRI on his calf, and the results are he has a strain. Mularkey said it all comes down to Henry's pain tolerance and how he progresses, so he could be back at practice on Wednesday, or he may even be out for two weeks. The run defense sucked on Sunday. Mularkey credits the Chargers' offensive line for doing a good job, and the defense being sloppy and the bad tackling. Sharpe caught four passes for 58 yards this past Sunday. Mularkey said it's a step in the right direction. The Titans face Aaron Rodgers on Sunday...pardon me as I go vomit uncontrollably. Rodgers has thrown for 2,039 yards, 20 touchdowns, and five interceptions this season so far. Injury update: Spain is getting closer to returning! Rashad Johnson should return Sunday, and they will continue to monitor Walker's groin injury.

Quick Hit: Six things that stood out in the Sunday's loss.

It was touched upon earlier, but Henry's MRI showed he suffered a calf strain before the Chargers game. Mularkey said the injury is the kind that depends a lot on your pain tolerance. He said they will monitor the injury, but it could only last a day, or even up to two weeks. It's a mystery! The injury occurred during team warm ups just before the game. Andrews stepped in for Henry during the game, and for insurance the Titans elevated Fluellen from the practice squad, and said goodbye to Riggs again. We still have Murray though. Hopefully he can keep pushing through this toe injury, and we won't need to rely on Andrews too much during Henry's absence.

Quick Hit: Mariota is responsible for more defensive touchdowns than anyone else in the NFL (yikes).

Listen. I don't like to be "that fan" when it comes to refs, but dang. It seems like officiating has been pretty suspect this season. Not just for the Titans. League wide. Mularkey said that some key plays on Sunday were "really poorly officiated." Brad Allen and crew called two defensive holding penalties on the Titans during a third quarter touchdown drive. That drive put the Chargers up over the Titans for the remainder of the game. The Titans didn't feel it warranted any calls, and Mularkey also pointed to Gates getting away with offensive pass interference as well.

Quick Hit: Titans report card against the Chargers.

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