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Tennessee Titans News Links: " is so frustrating."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
The Titans played the Chargers yesterday, and unfortunately they lost. Mariota balled out going 27 of 43, for 313 yards, and three touchdowns, but he also turned the ball over three times, and two of those were returned for defensive touchdowns. Can't be doing that. The defense was less than desirable yesterday. They straight up couldn't stop Gordon who ran for 196 yards and a touchdown...gross. They also couldn't tackle. They also allowed Rivers to go 24 of 33 for 275 yards and let him throw two touchdowns. The Titans did show some resiliency though. Also: I hate Dan Fouts.

Quick Hit: Mariota had an up and down day against the Chargers.

The game started out just...bad. Plain bad. The team was slow to start, and allowed the Chargers to put up 16 unanswered points before the Titans remembered they were playing football. I mean...they had 9 days to prepare for this game. What the heck? Mularkey stated effort wasn't the issue yesterday. Joe Rexrode of the Tennessean chalks it up to a lack of execution, alertness, and intelligence then.

Quick Hit: The Titans rushing defense failed in loss to Chargers.

Jason Wolf has five things we should know after yesterday's loss. The Titans once again have a losing record. That's not obvious at all. Mariota tossed multiple touchdowns again. Mariota hit Matthews twice in the red zone, and hit Walker for a touch down as well. Story of the game: Mariota committed multiple turnovers. Stop that. Please? He was intercepted twice, and also fumbled on a stupid Option play. Melvin Gordon railroaded the defense. He had over a hundred rushing yards in the first half....THE FIRST HALF! Finally: Murray struggled. He was dealing with a toe injury, and was held to 51 yards. He did score though.

Quick Hit: Derrick Henry injured his calf during warm ups, and will have an MRI on Monday.

That's all for today. Happy reading!