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But for real, Marcus Mari”GOAT”a

Some interesting numbers from Mariota this season.

Tennessee Titans v Chicago Bears Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Marcus Mariota already owns the Titans single season record for touchdown passes with 25. In case you didn’t know, he still has 4 games left to play. The franchise record is 36 set by George Blanda back in 1961. Can Mariota get there? Probably not, but he will break 30. No Oilers/Titans quarterback has done that since Warren Moon through 33 in 1990.

Here are some other really interesting numbers that Mariota has put up this season:

You might remember that this is something that Mariota really struggled with earlier in the season. I would love to see what this number is with the first 4 games removed. I know you can’t do that, but my point is he has really grown as the season has progressed.

And another:

The only 3 people ahead of Mariota in this stat are future Hall of Famers...and this just in, third down isn’t a pretty tough and important down.

Lambert wrote an excellent film breakdown of Mariota’s progress earlier today. You should check it out.