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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Be smart with you time off."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Perrish Cox: He gone! Perrish Cox was released yesterday because he sucked. Mularkey used the term "inconsistent," but I prefer "trash." Just being honest. Ultimately his lack of production trumped any loyalty the team may have had for him. He performed poorly against the Colts, and didn't do much better against the Bears. In the past the Titans weren't really a team that would release a veteran this late in the season, but there is a new sheriff in town, and he don't care about the old way.

Quick Hit: Can the Titans continue to contend with their current cornerbacks?

Mularkey held his press conference yesterday, so here are six hot topics from what was said. The hot topic was obviously the release of Cox. It was made known that Kalan Reed has been elevated from the practice squad to take his place though. Derrick Henry's production in his limited action was brought up. Mularkey said they are in discussions of using him more in short yardage situations. A couple of injuries occurred on Sunday. McCourty suffered a bruised knee, Casey has a sprained foot, but both should be good to go after the bye. Mularkey said Woodyard played very well, and it was probably one of his best games. The bye week is coming up, and Mularkey said the team could use the mental and physical break. The Titans are at .500 again, but Mularkey said the next thing for the team is to get over that .500 mark.

Quick Hit: Kevin Byard on Perrish Cox' release.

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