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Where do the Titans rank statistically through 11 weeks?

Offense=good. Defense? Not so much.

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Let’s take a look at where the Titans rank around the league:


Yards per game

382.9 (7th)

Rushing yards per game

140.8 (3rd)

Passing yards per game

242.1 (21st)

Points per game

25.5 (8th)


Yards allowed per game

358.3 (20th)

Rushing yards allowed per game

92.1 (7th)

Passing yards allowed per game

266.2 (24th)

Points allowed per game

25.0 (23rd)

I’m still amazed that the Titans are top 10 in points scored in the league. Remember the first month of the season when the Titans offense looked terrible? Yeah, I don’t really either- BECAUSE THE TITANS OFFENSE IS AWESOME NOW!!!!!1

It will be interesting to how the offensive numbers hold up over the next month when the Titans face some tougher defenses like the Chiefs (especially tough at Arrowhead) and Broncos (although you can run on them).

The defensive numbers will probably improve over the next month with the Matt Barkley led Bears as well as the Chiefs and Broncos on the schedule.