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2017 NFL draft order: Titans have picks 7 and 13

All of the corners.

Iowa v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Rams lost in spectacular fashion on Sunday. That’s awesome because it is fun to see Jeff Fisher in a press conference after a meltdown, and more importantly it improves the pick the Titans are getting from the Rams in the first round. That pick is now #7.

The Titans also have the 13th pick. That should put them in a fantastic position to add a couple of corners in the first round and completely change the defensive backfield. That’s the next step in the rebuilding process.

If they don’t take 2 corners, which they absolutely should, they could look at adding Mike Williams from Clemson. The Titans receivers have looked better of late, but they still don’t have that dynamic receiver the defensive coordinators are afraid of. Williams would be that guy.

The Rams have the Saints, Patriots, Falcons and Seahawks over the next 4 weeks. They should lose all 4 of those games, but knowing Jeff Fisher, he will find a way to win a couple of them. They end the season with games against the 49ers and Cardinals at home. It really seems like 6 wins is their ceiling.