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Tennessee Titans News Links: At Least It's Almost Turkey Day!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Mularkey held his press conference yesterday, and Jim Wyatt lists off six things we should take away from it. Uno: Lewan is day to day with a knee sprain. He said there is the possibility Lewan will play on Sunday against the Bears. Dos: Murray attempted to convert on 4th and 1 late in the game, and failed. Mularkey said the blocking needed to be better. Tres: Antwon Valentino "Zilla" Blake fielded a punt on the two yard like like a dummy on Sunday. Seriously. Why? Mularkey stated that a punt should not be fielded inside the 10 yard line by anybody. Cuatro: The Secondary may be getting switched up? Our secondary is trash. Mularkey was asked if there would be an adjustment, and he simply said they are discussing it. Cinco: The mindset of the team is now to win five straight. Nothing is guaranteed in this league, so who knows what will happen. Seis: Henry saw minimal time on Sunday, and that led to some people asking, "What's up with that?" Mularkey said a lot of it was just due to the situation of the game, and the team was trying to get out of a hole. He said Murray is very good at pass protection, and catching out of the backfield, and those two things led to keeping him in the game.

Quick Hit: Wyatt's six pack.

Briefly touched on there being a "shake up in the secondary" up above. According to PK the Titans are considering benching cornerback Perrish Cox. Can Blake sit out with him? PK says the pass rush has often masked the trash that is the secondary, but Luck was somehow able to avoid all of that on Sunday, and led the stupid Colts to a win. According to PFF (which still sucks), Cox gave up six completions on six passes, and those completions went for 142 yards and a touchdown. Pardon me as I vomit. PK says the team could move McCain, *starts drinking*, to replace Cox. Given whatever situation the team is in, they could then move McCain into the nickel and bring either rookie LeShaun Sims, or Blake (NOOOO!) to fill in on the outside. There are also two rookie corners on the practice squad: Kalen Reed and Jeremiah McKinnon.

Quick Hit: A litany of mistakes on Sunday spoiled the Titans' best chance to rise in the AFC South.

That's all for today. Happy reading!