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Perrish Cox was terrible yesterday

You didn’t need a grade to tell you that.

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Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
Perrish Cox in his natural habitat- chasing a receiver.
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Perrish Cox has been bad all year, but he was especially horrific yesterday. Cox was the worst player in the NFL yesterday according to Pro Football Focus:

It is time for someone else to get a shot at playing corner. I don’t care if it is Brice McCain, Antwon Valention Blake, or a street free agent. There is no way they can be any worse than Cox has been this season.

They should give LeShaun Sims a shot out there. Cox definitely shouldn’t be in the future plans for this team. They need to figure out if Sims is a part of the future or no. There is no better time to find out than now.

You better believe that Jon Robinson and his scouts have spent a lot of time on potential free agent and draft-eligible free agents. I would bet on at least 3 new corners being in here next year between free agency and the draft.