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Titans vs. Colts live game updates

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It seems weird to call a game in week 11 a make or break game, but that is exactly what this one is in my opinion. If the Titans have any real aspirations of winning this division they have to win today in Indianapolis. That should help them gain a game in the division because I expect the Texans to lose tomorrow night in Mexico City to the Raiders.

While we wait for the game to start, why don't you predict Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray's stat lines for this game. I think we see a huge game from both. That will lead the Titans to their first win over the Colts in 5 years!

Use this thread to discuss the game. I will do my best to get a second half thread posted because I know it starts to lag with all of the comments- so heads up on that.

No linking to illegal game streams.