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Will Titans-Colts be on your TV Sunday?

Check out the viewing maps for all of Sunday’s games.

Unless you live in the Titans or Colts market, you will not get the game this Sunday. The majority of the country, as you can see above, will get Ravens vs. Cowboys. I know Dallas has a national following, but that game is going to be really boring.

Here is the map for the late games on CBS (all maps courtesy of 506 Sports):

Most of the country will get to see Eagles vs. Seahawks. That should be a really interesting game. How will Carson Wentz hold up on the road at one of the toughest places to play in all of the NFL?

Here is the FOX single game map:

Here in Nashville we get Dolphins vs. Rams. That game will be even more boring than Ravens vs. Cowboys. Hopefully Miami can grind their way to a victory and improve that draft pick the Titans are getting from Jeff Fisher’s Rams.

What game are you the most excited about watching this weekend outside of the Titans?