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Tennessee Titans News Links: "I wasn't a huge fan..."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
The Titans face the stupid Colts on Sunday, and they must do better against Luck if they plan to win. Ten stupid times the Titans have lost to the Colts. In a row. Ridiculous. It's honestly kind of hard to believe. A win on Sunday will pull the Titans closer to the top of the division, and will push the Colts further down. Please make this happen. There are six key players the Titans will have to look out for. On offense they will have to obviously look out for Luck, T.Y. Hilton will be out there, but the Colts will also have Moncrief on the field this time. Defensively they will be up against Mathis (stupid Mathis), Mike Adams, and Josh McNary.

Quick Hit: Delanie's "Spidey Sense" is going crazy!

Well we know who the Titans should "look out for," but what about the Colts? Enter one Delanie Walker. The beloved tight end and the Colts have a slight history with one another. He feels the Colts brings the competitiveness out of him. He actually seems to like that they try to do all that they can to take him out of the game. Something Erik Walden tried to do back in 2013 when he head butted a helmet-less Walker. Dirty. In their last meeting Walker suffered a bruised chest thanks to a cheap hit by McNary. I just hope dude plays angry again like he did last week! That was beautiful.

Quick Hit: Lewan plans to appeal his $30k fine.

Three quick notes from yesterday's practice. Valentino "Zilla" Blake had a "C'mon Man!" moment on Sunday. It happened when LeShaun Sims recovered a muffed punt. Blake pointed the wrong way. I's not the biggest "C'mon Man!" moment I've seen, but I guess it counts? Spain practiced yesterday, and he could return on Sunday. Mularkey said he will watch the practice tape, and see how he practices today as well. The only injury really to report is Murray. He is still dealing with his toe, and he didn't practice yesterday. He only missed because of "precautionary reasons."

Quick Hit: Mariota named AFC's best offensive player of the week!

That's all for today. Happy reading!