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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Now I'm a believer!"

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Marcus Mariota has been posting some great numbers lately, and he is picking up more believers along the way. Apparently Michael Robinson of the NFL Network wasn't a big fan of Mariota's when he was coming into the league, but now he is coming around and saying he is "legit." Heck yeah he is! Robinson was straight up gushing over Mariota after his big game against Green Bay. Peter Schrager of FOXSports also had some praise for the Titans. He really likes the Conklin pick, and says the team is loaded with talent. It's weird hearing positive things being said about this team from national media guys...

Quick Hit: Mariota in the Red Zone: He good.

The dumb Colts are next! Here are five "burning" questions surrounding the upcoming match up. Are the Titans a playoff team? The team hasn't reached the playoffs since 2008 (as if you didn't know). The Titans will need to beat more divisional rivals if they are planning to get to the playoffs. So go out there and win on Sunday, boys! Are these offensive performances sustainable? Man. I hope so. The offense has been banging on all cylinders lately. I hope it keeps going! Can the Titans get pressure on Luck? I feel like they will if they don't get overtly held on just about every play. Sheesh. Was DGB for Kelly the biggest trade of the offseason? Seems to be a bit of a silly question to me. And finally: Is Walker the best Tight End not named Gronk? I say he is, but some may say I'm a little biased.

Quick Hit: The Titans added Jeremiah McKinnon, and cut Cody Riggs.

Bonus: Go vote for Mariota and Murray as the FedEx Air and Ground players of the week!

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