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Tennessee Titans News Links: " was awesome."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Delanie Walker had quite the game on Sunday. Something you might have noticed to: Dude seemed to be playing angry. Well. It wasn't your imagination! Walker read an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that essentially said Wright, Matthews, and Walker were trash, and the only real players on offense were Mariota and Murray. Yikes. The article made Walker feel disrespected, and quite upset. Delanie responded by straight up running over people after catching the ball. It was beautiful.

Quick Hit: The Titans are confident Mariota can lead them to a Super Bowl.

Mularkey held his weekly press conference yesterday. Here are six things we oughta take from it. Mariota has been showing maturity. Mariota started the game with 10 completions (dang!), and knew when to throw the ball away. Mularkey said that is an example of his maturity. Him getting rid of the ball and not forcing anything was great to see from him. Lewan was ejected from the game, so did he learn his lesson? Mularkey said he hopes Lewan getting ejected helped him understand how things like that affect the team. Kelly had to step in for Lewan, and Mularkey gave him some praise for his play. He said Kelly played extremely well given that he was just thrown into the game. Spain update! He will be a full participant in practices starting on Wednesday, and they will see how things go from there. The Colts (did you know I hate them?) are up next. Mularkey said the source of motivation will not be the fact that the Titans haven't beat the Colts in the past 10 games. He capped things off by saying no new injuries resulted from Sunday's game.

Quick Hit: Check out Jim Wyatt's six pack (no not his abs).

Mentioned it above, but Dennis Kelly had to step into the game this past Sunday, and he played pretty well in Lewan's absence. You may remember that Kelly joined this team through a trade. That trade was with the Philadelphia Eagles, and it involved sending DGB to them in exchange for Kelly. Many fans weren't thrilled with the trade (and I'm sure there are some out there that still aren't), but the trade appears to have been a great move now.I'm not gonna lie. I legit thought Mariota was going to get killed when Lewan went out on Sunday. Well. Kelly proved me wrong! Mariota said Kelly played unbelievably, and I'd have to agree. Thanks, big guy!

Quick Hit: The Titans can take two major steps vs. the Colts.

Media #Hype Links!
Mariota keeps showing he should have gone number one over Winston (yeah he does!)
Mariota was magnificent against the Packers.
Maybe it's time to consider the Titans are actually Ok at football.