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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Don't worry about it..."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Jimbo Wyatt gives us three quick notes from yesterday's practice. Derrick Henry didn't practice, but he appears to be making some progress in his healing. Mularkey said he thinks he has gotten better, and that he seems to be better than he was anticipating. Murray also didn't practice so that he could rest his toe for another day. Fluellen was promoted from the practice squad, but it's not clear if he will be needed in Sunday's game yet. Fluellen said he is ready if he is needed, and he is being patient. Other injury stuff: Conklin was limited with an elbow injury, Spain practiced for the first time since the Colts game, Walker, Wallace, and Rashad Johnson all practiced. Mariota apparently has an ankle injury, but he downplayed it when asked about it.

Quick Hit: Mariota and Rodgers praise one another.

I mentioned it up above, but Mariota has a slight ankle injury. He injured it on the third or forth series against the Chargers this past Sunday. He ran in a 14 yard touchdown despite the injury. Mariota said it wasn't a big deal, and he didn't show any signs of being injured during the practice yesterday. The offensive line has done a really great job of protecting Mariota this season, and has helped keep him healthy so far this season. I'm sure this ankle injury won't cause many problems.

Quick Hit: Taylor Lewan on consoling that young heartbroken Titans fan.

Photo Link: Photos from the Titans vs. Packers history

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