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Titans offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie approval poll

What do you think of the job the Titans offensive coordinator has done?

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Our quarter season approval polls conclude with Titans offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie. I have been pretty tough on Mike Mularkey for how disjoined the offense looks. There probably should be more focus on Robiskie's role in that. He is the one that is actually calling the plays, and he has called a terrible play to end the game the last two weeks.

This is no different than Mularkey for me. I hated the Robiskie hire when it was announced. He hasn't done anything to change my mind to this point. Part of that isn't fair because Marcus Mariota hasn't been good, but I still just don't feel like they are putting Mariota in the best spots to succeed.

That does it for our quarter season approval polls. I will do a wrap-up post on the polls tomorrow. If you missed any of the previous polls, you can vote here:

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