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Tennessee Titans News Links: All About Marcus

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Mariota came out the gate hot last season. In his first ever NFL game he went 13 for 15, 209 yards, and 4 touchdowns. The season went on, and he had his ups and downs, but he finished solidifying himself as the Titans franchise quarterback. This season is showing a little bit of a different story. He's looked uncertain, and has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. So what's the deal? PK points to several different things that could be contributing to Mariota's early season woes. The biggest factor to me is letting McNulty (Mariota's QB coach last season) go, and moving Jason Michael to QB coach. All we heard was the word "continuity" for Mariota, so you ditch the guy who worked the closest with him? Ugh.

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Mariota says improving his footwork can help with his accuracy. Recently his footwork has been causing him issues, and he even admits to being "lazy" on some of his short throws against the Texans. He feels he can be more aggressive with his feet, and he thinks he is better when he is active and moving. He feels that by keeping his feet moving in the pocket, he will put himself in a better position to make accurate throws.

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Mariota is focused on finding ways to improve. He isn't happy about the team's slow start, and he is wanting more wins. He says his confidence and mentality is still the same, and that it won't change no matter their record. Mularkey has said that he hasn't noticed anything weighing on Mariota during these trying times. He goes onto say that everyone has room to improve, and not just Mariota. There are people who can help him: teammates, coaches, and even himself. Mariota plans to continue to work on his footwork, and his chemistry with the receivers. He says he has to continue learn to grow, and that games are a way for him to find ways to improve.

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