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Titans GM Jon Robinson quarter season approval poll

The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports

People don't like it when I give my opinions in the approval poll posts because they say it influences the way people vote in the poll, so usually I steer clear of giving my opinions. I am not doing that this time, however. Jon Robinson has done a really good job in his first few months as the Titans general manager. This is already the best draft class the Titans have had in years with multiple guys from the class contributing every week. When was the last time we could say that?

The free agents he brought in have also done a nice job. Robinson walked into a tough situation. The roster he inherited was one of the worst in the league. We all knew it would take a couple of really good offseasons to make the team competitive. They appear to be headed in that direction.

Do you approve of the job Robinson has done? Vote in the poll.

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