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Titans quarter season approval poll: Controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have played a quarter of their season. They are 1-3 at the mark for what seems like the 300th year in a row. This week we will look at some stats and do some approval polls on the key players around this team: Amy Adams Strunk, Jon Robinson, Mike Mularkey, Terry Robiskie and Dick LeBeau. We will try to do these again at the half and three-quarter marks of the season.

Adams Strunk is up first. She took over as the controlling owner last year, but we weren't made aware of it until sometime after it happened. She has been much more visible this year. The upgrades she made to the locker room have been widely publicized and were a hit with the players. There are apparently still some issues between here and the NFL, but she is trying to work those things out.

This offseason she hired Jon Robinson and Mike Mularkey. One of those moves was good. One of them not so much.

Do you approve of the job Amy Adams Strunk has done?