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Tennessee Titans News Links: "...we're very close."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Bobby April: He gone! The Titans said adios to the Special Teams coach yesterday. Special teams assistant Steve Hoffman will be taking over in his absence. "Hoff" is a man that players on the Special Teams unit respect, and the players agree that they need to do a better job. Hoffman is currently in his 27th season, and has been with the Titans since 2013. Fun fact: the team is currently ranked 31st in kick coverage, and 27th in average punt return yardage allowed. Gross.

Quick Hit: Six things that stood out from the Texans loss.

Mularkey and the Titans agree that Mariota has been part of the problem in the passing game, but they also believe the receivers lack of accuracy is to blame as well. Mularkey noted that Mariota is an accurate passer, but that doesn't mean his throws are always going to be perfect. The not-so-perfect times are when the receivers need to make plays. Sharpe and Matthews were supposed to bring precision to the receiver position, but so far that has been lacking. Mularkey stated they are creating new practice periods to help Mariota and the receivers with their timing. Let's hope it helps...

Quick Hit: Mularkey says Mariota and receivers lack chemistry.

Six topics from Mularkey's press conference. Of course the coaching change is probably the big topic from yesterday. I mean. It was kind of a shock. Mularkey challenged the receivers...again. He says they need to be more precise, and also need to carry over what they learn in the classroom and practice. He talked about both Wright and Walker. He said Wright did well, but there are some things he did that made it obvious he hasn't been on the field in nine months. Walker and Wright both played throughout the game without any issues. On the injury front: Al Woodz will be missing 3 to 4 weeks, Nate Palmer should be ready for Sunday, and Searcy and Riggs are making progress. The Titans will need Blackson and Austin Johnson to step up in Woodz' absence. Mularkey likes Johnson, but he wants him to crank up the nastiness. His thoughts on Miami? He feels they view this game as a must win and a chance to get out of a hole, but the Titans feel the same way.

Quick Hit: Is Mularkey already on the hot seat?

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