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Tennessee Titans News Links: "The slow start got us."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Well. The TItans lost yesterday. And water is wet. This team seriously cannot get out of it's own way. John Glennon offers up a quick analysis of the game. The game, once again, came down to the wire. The Titans had a chance to tie (or even win if they went for 2 after a TD) the game on their final drive, but of course didn't. The team has had several opportunities to make statements this year, and have squandered almost all of them. The Titans could have tied with the division leader, snapped their losing streak to the Texans, and could have won two road games in a row, but again, they didn't. Glennon says the "hero of the game" was Will Fuller who returned the game winning punt for a touchdown (ugh). He then lists some of the biggest moments, and then informs us that Al Woodz will be out for about a month.

Quick Hit: The Titans can't play much harder, but how about smarter?

Mariota says the team will continue to fight and improve. He said that he is proud of the guys in the locker room for continuing to fight, and that it doesn't matter what the score is. What matters is that they continue to fight, and eventually that will change. Mariota had another lackluster day, and is still going through a learning process. He understands he is still, at times, doing too much, and that is still part of him learning the game. The team needs to learn how to finish drives, and Mariota says the team must continue to work together, and stay together, in order to learn how to do so.

Quick Hit: The Titans report card.

Thumbs up, and thumbs down from yesterday's game. Thumb's up moments first. Murray is still producing. The dude scored two touchdowns yesterday, and finished with 119 total yards (95 rushing and 24 receiving). The deep passing game has been severely lacking, but we saw some attempts at making it better yesterday. Rishard Matthews had two catches that went more than 20 yards, Walker caught one for 24 yards, and Andre Johnson caught one for 20. The defense kept Hopkins quiet. Hopkins did not record a catch for the first 51 minutes of the game, and both McCourty and Cox recorded an interception off passes intended for him. Ok. Thumbs down time. The Titans still continued to fail in the clutch. Mariota had another pick (this was his fifth of the year). The defense looked ugly early on. Penalties were still causing problems. Special teams blundered, and the Texans capitalized with a touchdown.

Quick Hit: The Titans and Mariota failed in Houston.

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