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Titans midway season approval poll: Controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans just won a game in dominating fashion last night. I expect that to have an influence on these polls, but if you would, do your best to evaluate the season as a whole. That doesn't mean you can't click "approve" if that is how you feel, but I would like to mitigate the recency bias as much as possible.

People whined and complained that Amy Adams Strunk didn't care about the team when it was first revealed that she took over as the controlling owner. You can't say that anymore. She spent a ton of money on upgrades at the practice facility and Nissan Stadium. She bought a house in town and is in the locker room after every game. Now the NFL apparently still has some type of problem with how this ownership is set up, but I don't think that is a reflection on what Adams Strunk is doing day to day.

Do you approve of the job she has done? Vote in the poll.

Here is the result of the quarter season approval poll.