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Titans vs. Jaguars: Reasons For Confidence and Concern

Can the Titans bounce back and win an important divisional game?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was a failed mission. The Titans had a great chance to beat a weak Colts team and break a significant barrier. However, the Titans can climb back to .500 and still get an important divisional win against Jacksonville. Can they do it tonight?

Reasons For Confidence: Run Defense, Bortles

Run Defense: The Jaguars' offense is broken right now. In one way, it is similar to some of the Titans' offenses in the past--they cannot run the ball whatsoever. When an offense cannot run the ball, it causes a snowball effect on the entire unit. If the defense does not have to make any extra commitment to the run, then it makes passing even harder for the offense. The Titans run defense has been a strong suit all year, and tonight, they should be able to make Jacksonville one-dimensional.

Bortles: Oh, Blake. You have been unsurprisingly struggling again. Not only is he still one of the most sacked quarterbacks in the league, but he is also top 5 in the league, in interceptions thrown. When your offense cannot run the ball whatsoever, this yields an absolutely atrocious result.

Reaons For Concern: Allen  Robinson, Special Teams

Allen Robinson: While the offense is the definite weakpoint for Jacksonville, Allen Robinson is still always going to be a threat. He is one of those players that has game-changing ability, and if he just makes one or two big plays, everything could change, regardless of any advantage the Titans may have. Considering that pass defense is one of the Titans' weakpoints, this is definitely a reason for concern.

Special Teams: This has unequivocally been the Titans' worst unit this season. Last week, you could argue that special teams was why the Titans lost the game. It was a big factor in Houston as well, and the special teams coach has already been fired. Considering that last year a punt return was caused the Titans to lose the game and their struggles this year, it would not be surprising to see Jacksonville have a few couple tricks up their sleeve in order to change the game.

Prediction: I expect the Titans to win, but I would not be surprised at all if Jacksonville gives them everything that they have. It will be another close, tense game. Titans win, 23-20.