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Tennessee Titans News Links: Game Night!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Happy game day everyone! The Titans will be taking on the Jaguars tonight, and there will be a slightly familiar face out there on the Jacksonville defense. The Titans got to know Jalen Ramsey during the draft process this year, and now they'll get to know him as an opponent on the field. Mularkey, Mariota, and Sharpe all acknowledge how well Ramsey has been playing, and I'm hoping he has an off day tonight. Just sayin'.

Quick Hit: The Titans will be without Rashad Johnson, Spain, and Cox tonight.

PK asks, "Are fewer passes better for Mariota and the Titans?" They have Murray now, and a solid offensive line. Typically teams run more if/when they are winning, but maybe they should switch that around a little? Mularkey has stated he doesn't have a number for what is considered too little, or too much passing. Mike feels the flow of the game dictates how much the ball is thrown. Here's an interesting little stat: the Titans have averaged 31.8 rushing attempts in their wins, and 22.8 in their losses since the Mariota era started.

Quick Hit: Are the Titans ready for prime time against the Jaguars?

It's a quick turn around, but the Titans will be facing the Jaguars and a struggling Blake Bortles tonight. Jacksonville believes Bortles can get things going again against the Titans...shocker. Bortles is currently completing under 60 percent of his passes, and has committed 11 turnovers so far this season. The best game of Bortles' career happened against the Titans...let's hope he doesn't get to repeat that. PK also runs down other key players in this game, so be sure to check out the article for more.

Quick Hit: Murray has restored "roar" in the Titans running game.

That's all for today. Happy reading!