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Tennessee Titans News Links: No Time To Sulk

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Six topics from Mularkey's press conference. He offered up an evaluation on Mariota's play. He said his accuracy issues on Sunday were both on him (Mariota) and some of that also fell on the receivers (More from PK on Mariota's incompletions). He also said that Mariota is sometimes guilty of worrying too much about making a mistake, and that he doesn't want to let anybody down. Mariota doesn't want to take the risk in those "grey areas," but Mularkey is wanting him to be aggressive, and smart. Spain went out on Sunday, and is expected to miss several weeks. It's not super serious, but it's still significant enough to keep him out of action. Mularkey talked about the Lewan touchdown, which was still pretty cool to me. The midseason is looming, and Mularkey wouldn't consider 4-4 a success (it is certainly somewhat of an improvement though...right?). He also talked about the short week, and some other injuries that occurred Sunday.

Quick Hit: There's no excuse if the Titans don't beat the Jags.

Here are six things that stood out from the loss to the stupid Colts. Mariota's accuracy, and ball security top the list. Mariota strung along some nice solid throws during the game, but there were still some overthrown balls. Mariota is the first to say he needs to improve his ball security, so it's only fitting the ball was knocked from his hand and returned for a touchdown when the game was on the line. The defense didn't close the deal, but Murray continues to be awesome. Have I mentioned I love Murray? I love that guy. What I don't love is the Titans secondary. Karl Klug get's a shout out for having yet another solid game, but the defense as a hole hasn't forced a fumble yet this season, and that needs to change.

Quick Hit: Avery Williamson and Sean Spence struggle in pass coverage.

That's all for today. Happy reading!