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MCM Radio: Titans Titan Against Colts Recap

Why can't fans of the Tennessee Titans have pretty things?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

MCM Radio went live on Sunday afternoon to recap one if the more gut wrenching losses we've endured as Titans fans in a while. Maybe that's overstating it to some folks, but it certainly was the case for this fan.

That being said, Brandon and I dug into the facts, took a deep breath and put together a damned fine show. Not everyone will agree with what we say, but where's the fun in that?

Oh, and near the end of the episode we fix all the Titans' problems. It's pretty neat.

So take a listen, go take a Silkwood Shower if you must (I did), and lets hope the Titans do what they must do: take out their anger on the Jags this Thursday!