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Tennessee Titans News Links: Uggggggggggggggh!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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I hate the Colts.

Titans Links!
Ugggggggggggggggh. I don't even want to write about this, but the stupid Colts beat the Titans yesterday. I mean. Seriously. UGH. The team is frustrated they lost. Join the club. Jurrell Casey said he was upset and at a loss for words. He also said he's been losing to Andrew Stupid Luck since college, and it hurts him deeply. He went on to say the team is very disappointed in themselves. If you're keeping count: This is game ten that the Titans have lost in a row to the Colts. Walker said they let this one get away from them. He said they keep finding a way to beat them, and it needs to stop. Preaching to the choir, man. The Titans had a chance to drive down the field and score again, but Mariota had the ball stripped from his hands before they could do so. Speaking of Mariota, he says the team lost the game, and that they missed opportunities, and that kept them (the Colts) in the game. Mariota also said his performance was inconsistent. I'm still so sad about this loss.

Quick Hit: Titans show they still don't measure up to the Colts.

Here's the Titans report card from yesterday. The rushing offense gets a B, thanks to Murray running wicked well yesterday. The passing offense received a C-. Mariota needs to learn the right amount of touch to put on those deep throws, and needs to not put the ball up THAT high on a few others (in my opinion). The rushing defense got a B, but the passing defense got a D-. I probably would have given the passing defense an F honestly. Special Teams received a D, but again, probably could have been an F (botched PAT, the onside kick plunders...ugh). Finally the coaching was given a C.

Quick Hit: Titans still can't figure out Andrew Luck.

Continuing the rainbows and sunshine from yesterday's game: Thumbs up, and thumbs down from the game. Let's get the thumbs down out of the way. To use Glennon's words: "Same ol', same ol'." The Titans were favored to win, but didn't. They still haven't beaten a divisional opponent since the Jaguars last year. The Titans failed in the clutch. They let Luck march down the field on them. What else is new? Where was the pass rush? The Titans only managed to sack Luck twice. That offensive line isn't that good. Just sayin'. The secondary was sloppy. I mean. That's putting things lightly. Ok. Thumbs up time. Murray was, once again, awesome. For the third time he topped the 100 yard rushing mark. The touchdown to Lewan was pretty fun and cool to watch.

Quick Hit: Titans resume a familiar storyline: Missed Opportunities

That's all for today. Happy reading!