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Tennessee Titans News Links: "He's very accurate."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Dick LeBeau has been scheming up "layups" for the Titans' pass rush. The Titans have racked up 6 sacks in each of their last two games. Dang. The players are making the plays, but some of their success is due to LeBeau's scheming plans. LeBeau's creativity and variations of fronts have allowed the pass rushers to have an advantage on certain plays. Scheme the crap out of Indy please. Another six sack game against them would be oh so sweet.

Quick Hit: McCourty is optimistic now after 7 Titans seasons with no playoffs.

John Glennon offers us three key match-ups for the Titans vs Colts. Lewan vs Robert Mathis. Lewan has been outstanding this season, and Mathis is getting old. Shut him down Lewan. Kendall Wright vs Patrick Robinson. Wright had a huge game last week, and it would be pretty spectacular to see him contribute like that again. Robinson is in his first year with the Colts, and it hasn't been going so hot. According to PFF he is the 107th best ranked cornerback. Let's exploit that shall we? Derrick Morgan vs Joe Haeg. Morgan has been strong against the run and the pass, and has a combined three sacks these past two games. Haeg is part of an offensive line that has allowed 23 sacks so far this season. Let's make that number a lot higher after Sunday. (Have I mentioned I hate the Colts?)

Quick Hit: Why Mariota is flawless in the red zone.

Three quick notes from yesterday's practice. Al Woodz is giving credit to trainers and holy water for his return from injury. Woodz used holy water every night before he went to sleep on his calf. He was raised Catholic, so I can see why he uses it. Mariota has been ah-mazing in the red zone. In his opponent's 20 yard line; Mariota is 40 of 63 for 290 yards, for 22 touchdowns, and zero interceptions. Hot. Dang. Injuries! McCain and Fasano both returned to practice. Everyone was a full participant at practice.

Quick Hit: Titans, Mularkey raising money for ALS after touchdowns.

Rapid Links!
Andre Johnson views Chuck Pagano as "family." Pagano actually recruited Johnson to Miami, and Johnson says Pagano has spent a lot of time around his family. 

Former Titans players are scheduled to return for Homecoming weekend. 60 former players are set to arrive for the Titans second annual Homecoming weekend. It will begin Friday night, and then they'll attend a walk through practice on Saturday, and will be recognized on Sunday during the game at halftime.

That's all for today. Happy reading!