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Tennessee Titans News Links: "Every game is tough."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Some quick notes from yesterday's practice. Wright had a big game on Sunday, and he aims to keep it going. He feels he can, and will try his best to do his job, and do what he can to get open for the quarterback. Mariota feels Wright is tough to tackle when he gets the football in space, and feels he is very versatile and will do a lot of good things for the team. I'm sure you haven't heard, but Antonio Andrews landed a big hit on Jordan Poyer Sunday. Poyer suffered a lacerated kidney, and now finds himself on injured reserve. Mularkey reiterated that he felt the hit was clean. Injury notes! Al Woodz returned to practice, and Mularkey said he liked what he saw. McCain and Fasano did not practice.

Quick Hit: More on the whole Andrews posting a video of the hit thing.

Jon Bon Jovi is buying the Titans team! Oh wait. No he isn't. Apparently CBS Sports was reporting that Bon Jovi and Peyton Manning were closely monitoring the ownership situation in Tennessee, but that isn't true. Jovi told the Associated Press that the rumors are just that. Rumors. He made it perfectly clear that the team is not for sale, and never has been. Yeah?! Well tell that to Jason La Canfora!!!

Quick Hit: Why Orakpo could have a big game against Indianapolis.

The Titans will be facing Luck and their band of beat up receivers on Sunday. The thing is...the Colts have mentally terrorized the Titans for the past nine games now. They always find a way to win. God I hate it so much. I hate them. HATE. PK runs down some players of the Colts to keep an eye on. He lists T.Y. Hilton, Gore, and Luck as players to watch on the offense. Hilton because you never know which Hilton you're going to get (good Hilton, or bad Hilton). Gore because he managed to rush for over a hundred yards against Houston. And Luck because he's Luck. For the defense he lists Mathis, Art Jones, and Mike Adams. Mathis is old, Art Jones is supposed to be able to stop the run, but didn't against Houston (who put up 158 rushing yards against the Colts), and Mike Adams is essentially the quarterback of the defense.

Quick Hit: Mariota aims to stay hot against the Colts.

That's all for today. Happy reading!