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Titans vs. Texans live game updates

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This is a big spot for the Titans. The fanbase is getting restless 3 games into the Mike Mularkey experiment (of course, to be fair, a lot of us were restless the day he got hired so it's not as much of an overreaction as some people would have you to believe), and I would call his offense stagnant, but that would be giving it to much credit. It's been really bad, in case you haven't been watching.

The Titans are billing this as a contest for first place in the AFC South on their social media sites. While that is technically true, the Titans have bigger things to worry about than the standings on October 2nd. Will Kendall Wright's return provide a spark that gets the offense moving? Yeah, probably not.

But hey, the defense has been really good so far. If they can continue their success, and Marcus Mariota can take care of the football, this could be a really tight game.

Use this thread to discuss the game. No linking to illegal game streams.