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Titans-Browns winners and losers

There was a lot more good than bad in this one.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are on a winning streak. It has been so long since this happened that I almost forgot what it felt like. Hopefully they can ride this momentum into next week and get a big win over the Colts.

Here are 3 winners and 2 losers from today’s win:


Kendall Wright- The Titans drafted Kendall Wright a few years back to do exactly what he did today- 8 catches for 133 yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately that is only about the 2nd time he has done it in his 5 years here, but that’s not what we are talking about today. Wright showed the ability to stretch the field and find the holes in the zone today. This offense is better with him on the field.

Brian Orakpo- One thing that Ruston Webster actually did right was sign Orakpo. He had another sack today, his 7th on the season, and is on pace for a monster year. He is leading a defense that is turning into a really good unit.

Rishard Matthews- 3 catches for 70 yards and a touchdown. That was the line for Matthews today. It is his second straight game with a touchdown.


The ability to put a game away- The Titans still don’t have that killer instinct to put a game away. They let the Browns get back in the game after going up 28-13 with 6:49 left. This team is just learning to win. Hopefully the killer ability to put teams away will come with a winning culture.

Marcus Mariota’s decision making while scrambling- This one is odd because he was so good at it last year, but Mariota threw another pick today while rolling out. He has a little too much trust in his arm when on the run. Those are the mistakes that this team cannot afford with the thin margin they play with most of the time.