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Tennessee Titans News Links: "We're happy we've got him."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Three quick notes from yesterday's practice. Dick LeBeau apparently has been watching Terrelle Pryor play football since he (Pryor) was in High School. LeBeau watched his games on television when he was coaching with the Steelers. He notes that he is a very gifted athlete, and knows what he is capable of doing. The Titans will be facing Cody Kessler on Sunday. Mularkey was anticipating they would be, and feels he is a smart quarterback, and has a good coach in Hue Jackson. Beat the Browns dang it! Injury roundup! Searcy practiced again, and is expected to play Sunday. Riggs and Lewan practiced, but Riggs was limited. Kern returned to practice, and Al Woodz did not practice.

Quick Hit: Hours of prep Friday goes into Titans' third-and-short play Sunday.

Despite his drop in carries, Derrick Henry is remaining patient. The Titans love Henry, but Murray has been playing exceptionally well, and they just simply can't take him off the field. Some Alabama fans have been complaining about Henry's workload, but that is pretty ridiculous. Henry acknowledges his carries are drastically different than his days in College, but he knows he needs to just remain patient, stay locked in, and to just keep working. Robiskie has said that Henry has been doing a nice job in the classroom, and has been focusing in meetings. Robiskie went onto say that Henry has been doing everything pretty good, but they just simply haven't had to turn to him because Murray has been playing "pretty good."

Quick Hit: Mariota is confident in off-balance throws.

John Glennon offers us three key match-ups for the Titans vs Browns game. First up is DeMarco Murray vs Linebacker Emmanuel Ogbah. The running game has been strong this season, and much of Murray's success has been running to the left off the tackle, and around the corner. Ogbah happens to play on that side, so if the rookie can't stop Murray, well, Murray might be in for another big game. Next up is Walker vs LB Christian Kirksey. Walker currently leads the team with 225 receiving yards, and has six catches over 20 yards. Kirksey leads the Browns in tackles, but he is better at defending the run than the pass. We finish up with Orakpo vs Left Tackle Joe Thomas. Orakpo has six sacks so far this year, and currently is ranked third in the NFL. Thomas is a nine time Pro Bowl tackle, and according to PFF (which still sucks) he is the third best pass blocking tackle.

Quick Hit: McBride successfully prepares defenders for Sunday.

That's all for today. Happy reading!