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NFL Week 6 TV Maps: Will you get to watch Titans-Browns?

As is usually the case, the Titans game will only be available to people that live in the market of the teams playing in the game.

Maybe one day the Titans will be a team that has a chance to get flexed to Sunday Night Football or even be a team that CBS wants to feature, but today is not that day. If you want to watch the Titans on Sunday, you either have to live in the Nashville or Cleveland market, have Sunday Ticket, or have a friend that does.

Here is the complete distribution map for the CBS single games:

The majority of the country gets Bengals vs. Patriots. That makes sense because it is the best game on the network.

Here is the map of the early games on FOX:

Panthers vs. Saints should be a great game. It is interesting to me that it is only available in the south. I get that Philadelphia and Washington are bigger markets, but I would think the midwest wouldn’t care too much about that game. No game for those of us in the Titans and Browns markets.

FOX late viewing map:

The late games are strong on both networks. That isn’t always the case.

Which games, outside of the Titans obviously, are you looking forward to watching this weekend?