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Tennessee Titans News Links: Half Way Through The Week Edition!

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
Josh Kline is proving to be a nice addition to the offensive line. He was viewed as an insurance policy when he was picked up off waivers before the season opener, but the Titans filed a claim (little insurance humor for you) when Warmack went out due to injury. Mularkey says Kline has fit right in, and that the guy is tough, smart, and understands what they are trying to accomplish. Mularkey also went onto say Kline has played extremely well, and despite having a lot of pressure on him to perform well, he's performed very well. Keep up the solid work, Kline!

Quick Hit: Running not calculated for Mariota, but it helped him play mistake-free.

*Warning: This is a Tennesseean link, stoked_byznblu*
John Glennon gives us five burning questions heading into Sunday's game against the Browns. Will this be the long-awaited breakthrough win? The Titans have failed six times to win back to back since 2014. They will be playing against a winless team on Sunday, and a team that currently has an absolute disaster on their hands when it comes to the Quarterback position. This is as good a time as any to string two wins together. Can Smashmouth continue it's steamroll? The running game has been wicked impressive. Let's hope they can keep it up against the Browns who are currently ranked 20th against the run. Which QB should the Titans hope to face? It's going to be either McCown or Kessler, and I think I read Kessler is getting the nod? Will Mariota shine at home? Please let the answer be yes. He's only won once at home, and that was last year against the Jaguars. Can special teams get it's act together? The Hoff replaced Bobby April as Special Teams coach last week, but the unit still managed to cause a huge blunder by allowing a 74 yard touchdown return last week. Get it together!

Quick Hit: Some chef at Nissan Stadium gets his own article.

Jason Wolf says the Titans need Mariota to be mistake free at home. On Sunday Mariota did something he hadn't yet done this season: he didn't turn the ball over. The Titans will need Mariota to be his efficient, and turnover free, self again this week when they take on the Browns. They need to win badly at home. Since 2014 their home record is 2-16. Gosh that is so depressing. Light it up at home, Mariota! Please! We beg you!

Quick Hit: Injuries may have contributed to Special Teams woes.

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