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Tennessee Titans News Links: "It's just fun to win."

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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Titans Links!
The Titans out swam the Dolphins on Sunday, but they are taking the Browns seriously. They are approaching the Browns as if their record isn't 0-5. Anything can happen in the NFL, and the Titans history against win-less teams is pretty sad. In 2013 they fell to the win-less Jaguars, and in 2011 they fell to the win-less Colts. The Titans have also lost to the Browns these past two seasons, and that should be enough motivation to go out and play hard as well. If the Titans win then this will be the first time they have won two games in a row since 2013.

Quick Hit: Lewan still loses it, but he's found his game.

Six hot topics from Mularkey's press conference. First he talks about Mariota's running. The only planned run for him came on his five yard touchdown run. They weren't suddenly encouraging him to run during the game, but the Dolphins played a lot of man-to-man coverage, and the lanes were there. Klug got some praise. Mularkey praised his disruptiveness, and says the dude doesn't get enough credit. Grimm has had quite an impact on the offensive line. It's all that neck blocking! The running game is still pretty awesome. Henry saw some action on Sunday, and Mularkey admitted it is hard to take Murray out of the game since he has been playing so well. The focus is now on the Browns. Mularkey pointed out that the Browns have looked competitive, and they aren't taking them lightly. He then finishes up the whole thing talking about injuries.

Quick Hit: Morgan and Casey hopes Sunday's breakthrough game leads to more sacks.

Kendall Wright is still working on getting his groove back. The team was hoping his return would produce a spark, but they may have to wait a little bit. So far he has three catches for 23 yards this season. A hamstring injury caused him to miss all of training camp, preseason, and the first three games of the season. So it stands to reason he is still working on getting back to form. Mularkey stated that he still has some improving to do, and that he is still rushing some routes. Hopefully he can put things together soon, and a spark will be created.

Quick Hit: Three notes from yesterday's Locker Room session.

Couple of PK Links:
DeMarco Murray keyed Titans' best rushing effort in 110 games.
The Titans brought smashmouth to life, but now they need to sustain it.

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