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Tennessee Titans News Links: You Won't Believe What The Titans Did...

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...THEY WON!!!

Titans Links!
The Titans dominated the Dolphins to a 30-17 win yesterday. Excellent. Mr. John Glennon gives us an instant analysis of yesterday's win. He says the turning point in the game was in the fourth quarter. The Titans were leading, and the Dolphins needed a stop. Well. That didn't happen. The Titans drove 66 yards, scored a touchdown, and drained 4:54 off the clock doing so. So what does this mean? It should tell the offense that they should feel confident since they did basically whatever they wanted to against an overmatched defense. The run opened up the passing game, and it all helped Mariota record his best game of the season. The win also moved them within a game of first place in the division. Glennon's hero of the game was Marcus Mariota. Dude straight up killed it yesterday. I hope this helped him get his groove back!

Quick Hit: Titans report card against the Dolphins.

As I said above: Mariota killed it yesterday. He went 20/29 for 163 yards, three touchdowns, and posted a QBR of 117.5...and that was just through the air. He also rushed 7 times for 60 yards (8.6 avg), and recorded a rushing touchdown as well. More of that please! Mariota said it feels good to get a win, and it should help them in terms of momentum. He said he didn't necessarily need a confidence building game, and just tries to do his job and to put the offense in the best position he can. He also said the offense's production should be the standard for every game.

Quick Hit: Titans' romp over the Dolphins is smashing.

It wasn't just the offense that was banging on all cylinders though. The defense had a field day as well. They recorded six sacks, and two interceptions yesterday. Daggum I love it. Orakpo, Morgan, and Casey each recorded two sacks yesterday. The lead caused the Dolphins to become one-dimensional, and the defense capitalized on that by continuing the pressure on Tannehill and the Dolphins offense. McCourty and Stafford recorded the interceptions. The defense as a whole kept Miami at just 200 yards of total offense, and only allowed eight first downs. Some sloppy tackling did, however, allow the Dolphins to go 58 yards on a completion, and that lead to a Dolphins touchdown on a short run. Still though. Huge effort by the defense.

Quick Hit: Mariota eliminated mistakes, and lead the Titans' to a win against the Dolphins.

Bonus Link: Pictures from yesterday's game.

That's all for today. Happy reading!