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Tennessee Titans should have a shortlist for GM by Monday night

Where the Titans should be looking after a week without a GM.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

By Monday night, the Tennessee Titans will have had a week to talk to the majority (if not all) of their candidates for the General Manager position. Here is a quick timeline of that week in review according to website NFL Trade Rumors.

-The Tennessee Titans get rid of Ruston Webster and schedule to interview with Marc Ross of the New York Giants (later interviewed).

-The Titans try to interview Eric DeCosta, but he declines the interview.

-Titans try to schedule an interview with Jimmy Raye of the Indianapolis Colts.

-Titans reportedly have interest in current Titans front office member Blake Beddingfield (there is some belief that the Titans interviewed him at some point).

-Titans interview Martin Mayhew former GM of the Detroit Lions.

-The Titans request to interview Minnesota Vikings assistant GM George Paton for the job (later declined).

-Titans interview Chris Polian of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

-Titans interview Jon Robinson the Tampa Bay Buccaneers directory of Player Personnel.

-Titans schedule a Monday interview for Chris Ballard of the Kansas City Chiefs.

-Titans interview former Denver Broncos GM Ted Sundquist.

So that means that the current shortlist for the Titans GM job seems to be trimmed down even more to (in no order):

1. Ted Sundquist

2. Chris Ballard

3. Jon Robinson

4. Chris Polian

5. Martin Mayhew

6. Blake Beddingfield

7. Jimmy Raye

8. Marc Ross

I would go as far as to say that according to reports in the media based on a variety of reasons including how much each of these guys are involved with their franchises, the success and talent on their rosters, their personalities and approaches, and their history of filling the holes in other franchises that mirror what the Titans are missing, I believe the list should be even shorter.

Here is how I believe the Titans will have their GM list ordered on Monday afternoon:

1. Chris Ballard

-He is a major cog in developing a roster that just won 10 straight games without their best player Jamaal Charles. He also did a great job revamping his team. In his three years in as his current position in Kansas City, he has been in charge of a roster that has averaged over 10 wins per season. That is very impressive any way you slice it.

2. Jon Robinson

-He has a lot of experience with rebuilding a roster as he showed with maybe the best draft class in the league last year in Tampa Bay. He rebuilt the Tampa Bay offensive line in a year and also managed to add one of the best rookie defenders in the league in Kwon Alexander.

3. Chris Polian

Between he and his father (who I imagine will be a resource for him) they have drafted Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson. That is three true number one receivers and and a great number two. The Titans are in desperate need of wide receiver help and if they can identify that it will be key for the Titans development of Marcus Mariota.

And that is it. I don't think that any of those other candidates have done anything to really set themselves apart from the pack except for Marc Ross who isn't well liked but who has been involved in drafting some very good second round talent.