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Laquon Treadwell 2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report

The Ole Miss product is this season's consensus #1 receiver.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Wide Receiver

Size: 6-3, 224

School: Ole Miss (Junior)

Production: 2015: 82 rec, 1153, 11 TDs


  • Excellent size. 6-3 with long arms and adequate bulk at 224 pounds.
  • Plays with a physical, nasty demeanor.
  • Catches ball with his hands, away from his frame consistently.
  • Excellent going up for contested catches. Knows how to use size to his advantage.
  • Displays excellent body control while leaping.
  • Willing and nasty run blocker. Form could be cleaned up, but excellent effort in this area.
  • Despite lacking overall long speed, Treadwell is very good after the catch in the open field. Ole Miss loved to get him the ball on those Adam Gase-type screen passes.


  • Doesn't appear to have that high, breakaway gear.  40 yard dash time will be interesting -- expecting mid 4.5 range.  Not a huge deal, but it could push him out of top five consideration.
  • Route running could use a lot more polish. Lots of rounded off breaks.
  • Separation is a bit of a concern, but Ole Miss limited him with the routes they asked him to run. How explosive is he? Acceleration is a concern, especially in and out of breaks. More of a glider.
  • Broken leg against Auburn in 2014, but came back strong in 2015.


This play shows you two things.  It shows Treadwell's nasty demeanor and strength off the line.  He pops the pressing corner and comes back to the screen, getting up the field quickly.

I mentioned Laquon playing strong in his positives -- here's an example.  He's on the same page with his quarterback, which always helps.  He gets the back-shoulder throw and is able to reach back for the catch despite the coverage being all over him. He then sheds a tackle and avoids another.

This is kind of a strange play.  It's a really bad decision to throw this ball, but Treadwell bails his quarterback out.  He comes back to the ball and plucks it out of the air over the corner.


If you need a receiver that can go win you a 50-50 ball, Treadwell is your guy.  He plays with a fiery mentality and will be a physical presence on the outside in the NFL.  If you're looking for a dynamic burner, Treadwell isn't your guy.  I worry a bit about his burst and second gear, especially with route running at the next level.  He'll have to develop and really work get better separation in the NFL.  He's far and away my number one receiver, but I'm not sure I would take him in the top ten.

Round grade: First Round

Expected draft range: First round, picks 5-15