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Titans interview Martin Mayhew; Also expected to interview Chris Ballard

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have confirmed that they interviewed former Detroit Lions GM Martin Mayhew.  The interview took place on Wednesday with Amy Adams Strunk, Kenneth Adams IV and Steve Underwood, according to Jim Wyatt.  Mayhew was with the Lions from 2001-2015.  He also played 9 years in the NFL and has a law degree from Georgetown.

It was also reported yesterday that the Titans have received permission to interview Chris Ballard of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Ballard is the director of football operations in Kansas City.  You have to be impressed with the talent the Chiefs have on their roster right now.

Again, there are no names surfacing in the head coaching search, but the Titans are doing a lot of work in the GM search.  Hopefully they will be wrapping that up in the next few days so they can move on to looking at head coaching candidates.