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So the Buccaneers fired Lovie Smith last night

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I'm old.  I was already in bed last night when the news broke (at about 9:30) that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had fired Lovie Smith.  That pretty much came out of nowhere.  Apparently the Bucs were so worried that someone else was going to hire their offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter that they fired Lovie (by phone apparently, classy) so they could hire Koetter.

Gramsey has already brought up the idea of Hue Jackson as head coach and Lovie Smith as defensive coordinator.  Now I will be extremely disappointed with anything else.  I should start preparing myself for the disappointment.

Lovie had a really good run in Chicago, and it looked like he was starting to turn things around in Tampa.  I am sure they justified his firing by saying that the defense wasn't good and Lovie is a defensive guy.  He's a guy that is going to bring stability to a program.  I wouldn't mind the Titans taking a look at him, but of course a key component would be who he was planning to bring in as the offensive coordinator.