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Tennessee Titans News Links: The Waiting Game

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"So tired,
Tired of waiting,
Tired of waiting for you"

The anticipation on who the new GM of the Titans is growing! Well fear not! The interviews have begun! It was reported yesterday the Titans interviewed Martin Mayhew yesterday for the open GM position. Yes. The Martin Mayhew who was fired from the Lions organization earlier this year. Three other names popped up yesterday as well: Jon Robinson (from Tampa Bay), Chris Polian (out of Jacksonville), and George Paton (out of Minnesota). I know nothing about these I'm moving on.

There is some interest in our vacant Head Coach position! Josh McDaniels (some coach out of New England) is interested in coaching the Titans. The ever lovable Paul K feels the Titans should hit up McDaniels on his interest. Wouldn't hurt to ring a bro up and see what his vision for the team would be. Just sayin'.

A list of NFL Hall of Fame semi-finalists, and former Titans player Kevin Mawae was on the list! I miss that guy. Our Centers have been a revolving door of suck since he retired.

Speaking of the O-line, Taylor Lewan wants to play more consistent next year. It certainly would be nice of him to do that. Maybe bringing in a good offensive line coach would be a good start. #FireJeffersonBostad. Protecting Mariota should be the ultimate goal next season. Especially since the Titans know they have finally found their franchise quarterback.

What should the Titans do with the first pick of the draft? The Washington Post gives us the 3 most obvious options to this question.

That's all for today. Happy reading!