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Tennessee Titans News Links: Let The Search Begin

Turn and Face the Strange: Titans Links from Jerlindsey

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"But I still haven't found,
What I'm looking for."

The fun has begun! Names are starting to surface on who the Titans are planning to interview for the open GM position. Perhaps one of the most notable names to appear is Eric DeCosta. It would be huge to get him. IT'LL BE HUGE.

Names for head coaching candidates haven't leaked yet, and many "analysts" are still suggesting the job is Mularkey's (despite this being called one of the most attractive head coaching vacancies. Especially after Irsay went all "Ir-cray" last night and announced the extensions of Pagano AND Grigson). "Slow yo roll," says PK! Paul suggests the Titans shouldn't overrate the relationship Mularkey and Mariota currently have. I have to agree.  So what kind of qualities should the next head honcho have? Well Señor Paul lists those out as well.

The running back position is still up for grabs. The RB core did the whole "kind of" committee thing, and no true number one back came out of all of that. David Cobb, however, wants to be that true number one in 2016. Kendall Wright of the WR core wants to be a "90 catch, 1,000 yard" guy. That would be nice considering our only player who fits that bill, currently, is my man crush Delanie Walker.

Speaking of Delanie Walker, he believes the Titans need to get some veterans on the O-Line. It's way too young, and bringing in yet another rookie would just continue the O-Line struggles we are already seeing. I'd love for them to bring in a veteran Center. Trevor seems to think Looney is serviceable, but Trevor himself is out of his mind so...there's that.

That's all for today. Happy reading!