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Amy Adams Strunk is Making the Right Moves So Far for the Tennessee Titans

Giving some praise to the woman in charge of the Tennessee Titans.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

For two years it has felt like there were constantly dark clouds hanging over this franchise.

Recently though, there is a bit of light starting to emerge, and that is due to Amy Adams Strunk. I've been highly critical of her and all of the Tennessee Titans ownership group, but right now she's making the right moves. In fact, she's three-for-three on major decisions.

Everyone wanted Ken Whisenhunt fired. She sent him out the door - and even in-season.

Then it was Ruston Webster's turn to be under the spotlight, and after a four year run Strunk decided it was time for change.

Finally, the Titans officially took the interim tag off Steve Underwood's business card, making him the franchise's permanent president and CEO. This move isn't particularly exciting or even one I really supported (a new face would have been nice), but having a permanent CEO was a must and Amy Adams Strunk delivered.

While we're at it, let's give some credit to her for handling all those moves well. There were no leaks last week saying Webster would be fired. That was not the case for others, like Mike Pettine. Its frustrating for passionate fans, but its also a lot more fair to the employees in these tough positions. The Titans also put all the formal touches on these moves, thanking Webster for his time and effort. Small things like that matter. Its not just what you do, but how you do it.

Now the search is on for both a general manager and head coach. On Tuesday the team started off strong, contacting Eric DeCosta, Marc Ross, and Jimmy Raye. All three come from winning organizations and have a background in scouting.

While I have my personal preferences for the GM and head coach vacancies, there are very few that I am strongly against. Under no circumstances do I want anyone promoted from within the Titans organization. When your team wins five games in two years, its time for change at the top. Ruston Webster was just fired in part due to poor drafting. It doesn't make sense to promote the Director of College Scouting, Blake Beddingfield. The same goes for retaining Mike Mularkey. There are simply stronger candidates.

Realistically, I think the chances of promoting Beddingfield and/or Mularkey remain low. If it happens, my opinion on Amy Adams Strunk (and Steve Underwood) will drastically change.

For now, I want to believe in the direction of this franchise. Hopefully, they are actually on the right track.